Job Profile: Oil Rig Storeman

Oil Rig Storeman

Good Proper work consisting of long shifts and even longer working patterns. Very likely 'month-on month-off' style work patterns let you 'get in and on' with your job. Travelling to different places around the globe, sometimes places of paradise. One of the best earning oil rig jobs which requires no experience.

Bad Long shifts can drag, being away for long periods of time can have its effect on families. Travelling to some exotic locations can be hostile. The job role is 24hr-on-call, when materials arrive, you drop everything to unload. Sleep is the last thing on your priorities.

If your a tidy person, who is obsessive and freakishly organised, you'll do well with this role.

As a storeman, You'll have plenty of responsibilty and control, over stocks and stores. You'll have to get to grips with itemising every item on the rig, from socks to steel, every item that has a capability to wear out will need a replacement. And it'll be your job to make sure there are plenty in stock.

Its not as simple as ordering 5 of everything, different items wear out at different times.
It'll be down to you to work out, if this month you need 3 or 300 pairs of socks. Order too many, and you'll take up room you dont have, order too less, and people wont be able to do there jobs comfortably. And its not just socks, it could be machinery consumables.
Metal bearings, rubber washers, or even actual drill components need to be kept in good supply too.

Drills on Oil Rigs now have the capability to drill just over 7.5 miles, if a part wears out, or a drill-bit breaks, people will come to you for a replacement.
You will be responsible, if the item isnt available. It will be your neck on the line.
Oil rigs earn a projected £20 million a day, you wouldnt want the Oil company suing you for loss of earnings, while you ordered and waited 18 days for a new drill bit to be made and shipped out.

If you manage to get yourself a position on an oil rig as a storeman, the chances are you'll start earning £22k a year, as you manage your responsibilities better and get more work, you'll go on to earn £32000 - £40000 depending on the size of oil rig your working on.
The graft isnt too bad either with most workers tending to work month on, month off. And as you'll be doing most of your work in international waters, you will be given plenty of tax benefits too.

NOTE: This job can provide excellent benefits, the breaks in tax relief you'll recieve can give you extra cash to set up other ventures. Most Oil Riggers who work the month-on month-off pattern, actually do painting and decorating, or other area of home DIY as a second imcome for when they come home.