Top 5 Jobs - No Experience Needed


Top 5 Jobs - No Experience Needed

In an already tough job market, it can be frustrating to find that most jobs you are interested in require experience- which can be tough to get if you can’t find a job in the first place!
The good news for job seekers who don’t have much experience or a college education is that there are some really great job opportunities that don’t require years or even months of experience.

While some would point to the easy solution- 'entrepreneur'- that doesn’t work for real people with real bills to pay. But these five jobs offer you the ability to start working in a good paying job as soon as possible while giving you real skills and experience that you can use for a lifetime.

  1. Police Officer or Firefighter- In most cases, working in these real-life-hero jobs don’t require any experience and also provide paid training. Salaries in these professions are very good, and you can easily make a career out of either job. You will need to be in good physical condition and ready to enter a tough training program, but you don’t need any experience to get started.

  2. Mechanic- Nearly everyone has a car, and every person who does- needs a good mechanic to look after the mechanical side. That’s why mechanics are always in demand, and working on cars can be a great way to get started on a career that can take you places. In most cases, you can begin working as an apprentice to gain the experience you need to work anywhere.

  3. Plumber- Much like working as a mechanic, working as a plumber allows you to work as an apprentice in order to learn the skills you need to create a profession that you can work in for the rest of your life. You can begin working as an apprentice while earning a small salary, and when you have completed your training, you will find that pay can be highly competitive. Working as a plumber or electrician also gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to work for yourself or work for a company. Since these are skills needed in every part of the country, you can find work virtually anywhere whether you plan to work on building new homes or commercial sites or you want to work in maintenance, remodeling, or as a skilled tradesman.

  4. Salesperson- Companies of every type need salespeople, and people who have people skills can work their way up to making large salaries. Entering the sales force is fairly easy, and you can start earning a paycheck right away. Most companies provide training to new salespeople, and you can then earn the experience to move around in your field.

  5. Truck Driving- Businesses always need people to transport things, and they are willing to pay well for people who are trained as truck drivers. No longer just a profession for men, women are finding that truck driving offers them a good career with lots of freedom. Many people are also working as truck drivers with a friend or loved one to make the job more fun. You can drive long or short haul routes, and you can work anywhere in the world.