Police to cut 28,000 jobs..


Why are the Police making cuts?

16000 Police Officers were used to contain peace in the London Riots..

The same amount of civilian staff (people behind the scenes ie communications officers, volunteers, custody nurses, crime scene investigators etc) are being made redundant.

These cuts are being made to save a total of £1.38 billion pounds. These savings have to be made due to the significant trouble our country is in financially.
Money has to be taken from every available resource. And with 16000 civilian jobs and 12000 front line Officers, they could be without work and without a job within the next four years.

How will things change?

With the shortfall in Police, tougher punishments will be made and lower profile crimes will come with tougher sentences.
We saw an example of this with the recent episode of riots.
A youth, of whom motivated others by 'status updates' to commit violence was sentenced to four years! Seriously tough, considering all he did was write a few words.
Another youth received a 6-month jail term for stealing water!

Committing crime is bad. Punishments will get more severe, the more cuts that are made.
Cuts directly affecting front-line Officers will have severe implications, in that opportunity thieves, or offenders that usually operate in low-risk situations, will probably increase in their crime rate.

How this affect me?

14% of our Police force is being cut, this will have both a massive and long-term impact on crime, and violent attacks.

Alot more crime should be expected, and the service you expect from the Police will change.
Patrols will be made more efficient, along with Police routine.

The way in which People join the Police will change too.
Gone is the 'job for life' and a 5-year term will instead be implemented.

There will be long-term consequences. We cant see into the future and we dont know what will happen after the next 4 years, but we do know that unless we pull together and change our approach to crime and anti-social behaviour, in the long-term we could get have a lot more instability.