Job Profile: Security Guard

Security Guard

Good: Excellent opportunity to work overtime. Large firms offer great freedom for promotion. Security is an area of work which covers a vast line of sectors, catering for all ages. Money can be good for night/shift work.

Bad: Increased risk of danger. Hours can be tiresome. Often work involves guarding a post, which can mean staying put for long periods of time.

With commercial property renovations at an all time high, large working areas are being left vacated.
Offices, warehouses, and retail units are all very expensive property to have, they need looking after.

If you'd enjoy the type of job that requires lots of patience, and a skill for having a keen eye, youd probably be foolish to look past this one.
Security guards will usually start on minimum wage, as a watchmen. You'll be responsible for looking after a building or office. You may have to watch CCTV to cover angles you may not be able to see from your post.

As you change your shift pattern, and gain experience and recognition for your services. You'll be given more authority, and maybe more responsibility. Your 'posting' might be more difficult to look after, or a larger area. This is where you may experience a hike in wages.

As you learn the posts, you may be offered training courses, allowing you to widen your security skills. You can learn anything from Door Security (nightclub doorman, or shop doorman), CCTV, physical intervention training (a way in you learn how to protect yourself or others in a way which is legal and non harmful) or even basic handcuff training.

After a few years, you may be promoted to Supervisor and have a team underneath you. You'll be given a region to look after, in which you'll pick team members best suited for each job.
Your responsibility will grow and as it does you'll get to work directly for clients, experienced 'know the business' Regional Managers will earn upto £55,000 a year.

At this level you'll more likely opt to try and start your own firm, and why not. By the time you make it, you'd have earned the experience to do it well.

If your looking for a different kind of challenge, and the opportunity to get into a growing business, look no further.

NOTE: With a Security Industry Authority, Door Supervisor course, you'll make money on the side working privately (by walking in personally and asking the manager) in pubs and clubs as a Bouncer.


No Experience Needed