Job Profile: Car Sales Executive

Used Car Salesman

Good: Potential to earn high rates of pay, Selling cars can be fun depending on the company, Usually given a company car, Often work is outdoors.

Bad: Can be high pressure, Only as good as the cars you sell, Bad weather and cold seasons will have an effect on your pay packet

If your a 'chatty' person, or quite a social and friendly person, You might be interested to know you could earn upto £35000 a year. Larger garages usually take you on trial periods to see if you can sell. If you make it you can be expected to be involved in quick adaptive job, that can be adrenalin fueled on busy days.

Each sale you make is routine, but the people you meet along the way, can offer fulfilment if the sale is honest and good. New starters can be expected to learn quickly on the job.
However some Larger 'car supermarkets' offer training schools, which also have a steep learning curve.

Being honest and loyal will get you repeat business, but we aware to other salesmen being less courtueous, in order to get the sale first.

Selling cars does bring a reputation, they arnt know for there etiquette. More for there aggressive sales apporach. After all they are commision based.

Find the right garage or dealership, and you do have an opportunity to make a more upmarket £40 to £60k a year.

Working for a prestigious dealership, BMW, Mercedez, does encourage an entirely different attitude, but be aware, big commision, attracts big competition from colleagues.

After a few years of selling cars, your gain in experience might take you onto other jobs within the field. Potentially you might want to take selling to the next level, Your more than able to move into a sales rep (representing a companies products), account executive (looking after a companies clients), or sales specialist (seling specialist products to specialist markets).

Promotion within a larger company can come quick, top tellers can go onto high salaries as Sales Managers. The pressure is higher, as its your responsibility to manage a team, which may have to deliver more than 3 times the sales target your used to..

NOTE: Either way, if your a postive person and can make use of clients, and colleagues. Make money on the side, by trading cars.


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