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Motorsport - Starting Now

An exciting look into the fast paced world of Motorsport!

We'll have a small feature on positions both track-side, and away from the circuit..

This could be the most exciting thing ive done yet- So buckle up!


To the awesome new visitors..

This site is now under 'cool' new management- i loved the idea of finding people jobs they would love, and i wanted to help..

It would be great to say that this 'blog' is a company, and that im funding it from a multi-million pound hedge fund..
But im not, im just one lonely guy trying to spread a little inspiration and touch a few hearts. So bare with me if you find a few hiccups- ill do my best to 'iron out any problems' you find.
What im trying to do...

The blog does have a pretty cool 'jobs search' engine, so feel free to use it if you need your lawn mowing or your spare room painted.
I am trying to use content to reach my audience, but im balancing a full-time job with this, So if you know someone who can help me write content, please send them our web address- ill owe you big time..

On this site, you can browse jobs or post jobs.. Which is nice..

Ill be spending my time finding you guys jobs within popular trends, Ill do my best to email large companies and post the findings here..
If you do post a job- Remember' ITS FREE! Thats right vacancies are posted for free!
So if you're looking- just browse. If your looking for a new direction- just read.
Hopefully within a few months you'll find lots of ideas and plenty of advice to find that perfect job..